Problem with Stickup Cam Elite


I have a problem with a Stick Up Cam Elite.

First a bit of background info incase it’s useful.

I have 5 Stick Up Cam Elites and 4 Inside Cams all working perfectly except this one.

It sits around 6 Meters from the Router and is not the furthest one away.

Device Reports say there aren’t any problems.

I have given it a Static IP whilst I have been trying things to fix it but it didn’t improve things.

The Camera was originally run on POE (with a network connection) but it lost the connection and when I thought a solution may be to run it on wifi it worked for a couple of months. It then dropped out of the app and so I reset it and it worked for around three months. I’ve now re-run setup several times swapping between wifi and POE (with a network connection), reseting and finally hard reseting and each time it came back and worked for a while and so i presumed it was location or interference or any other number of things Ring and Communitiy posts say could be the problem.

It recently dropped out of the app again whilst running on POE (with a network connection) and this time the Blue LED lights up when it detects motion, The IR lights up at night but it wont show up in the app.

Restarting the router and everything else doesn’t make a difference.

Powering the camera off and on doesn’t make a difference.

Moving the camera to various locations doesnt make a difference.

Ive run out of ideas and then decided to try a hard reset it didn’t work either and all it seems to do is restart the camera (which then still doesn’t connect, but the blue LED comes on if it detects motion)

Any ideas?

Hey @Bluefalls. Thank you for taking the time to detail your experience out, what you’ve done and the results of what you’ve attempted. It does seem at this point that you have exhausted all possible troubleshooting steps, and will need help from one of our advanced support representatives to take a deeper look into this! Please give our support team a call here and let us know what they were able to do for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll give support a call.

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Just a Quick Update.

I contacted Support and a friendly chap listened to the problem and what I’d done to try to identify/fix the problem and decided i’d tried everything that he would suggest and so organised a replacement. A few days later the replacement arrived and So far it has functioned perfectly.

It looks like I had a faulty Camera from the start which was slowly getting worse until it gave up.

The only issue so far is returning the faulty one as I can’t find any DPD Pickup shops to show on the website so i’m presuming they are not collecting due to Covid-19 and I will need to wait. Ring included a note in the replacement to say due to Covid-19 isolating they will email when it’s time to return it after which I have 30 days before i’m charged for the replacement.

Nice easy replacement, fast support call without any waiting and apart from the delay in returning which is beyond anyones control everything went very smoothly and I now have all of my cameras working again. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the assistance.

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