Problem with Ring Email Support

Has anyone in the community found that Ring email support doesn’t read through your support request emails and keeps sending platitudes and the same support advice that doesn’t address your problems at all?

Several email exchanges later they still haven’t addressed troubles with viewing Activities in the Android App (returning to the top of the Activity list instead of staying down the list where I was viewing) and the online Activity viewing (only one week’s Activities available.) I don’t want to uninstall the app, reboot my phone, and reinstall the app over and over.

They don’t reply to emails - I have sent five, tried chat, told to call them and no one answers- I suppose fair trading is the only option

Ring used to have great email support before the Amazon acquisition and I have encouraged them here to bring it back. It is pretty common with companies to have email support - you create a ticket, someone is assigned to that, and you can communicate at your convenience with the agent. Plus, you have it all documented so you can go back and review what instructions they gave you. You can create a Feature Request for this on the Feature Request board.

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Has anyone considered creating a thread on the New Feature board suggesting that Ring offer an email support option (for questions/problem that are general in nature, rather than specifically related to an individual’s account)?

Let’s face it… Ring phone support tends to be a stressful, time-wasting, privacy/security lowering nightmare. There seems to be a high probability that you will be unable to get your question(s) answered and/or a suitable solution implemented no matter how many times you call (and no matter how many hours you have wasted). Worse yet, many support reps seem determined to refuse to escalate the call, despite the fact that:

  • They know they can’t help you and/or
  • They understand possible solutions, but don’t have the authority to implement them