Problem with ring doorbell pro 2

Hey guys. I’ve had the ring doorbell pro 2 for probably about a year now. Recently as of last month it completely stopped working. I don’t get any video feed to my phone and it says my product is offline. So I go outside to check and I press the button and it just makes a chime sound with a blue circle once then stops making any sound and no more blue circle. It also does not sound my chime inside but I removed the doorbell and made it chime manually by touching the wires and it worked just fine. I also checked the installation of the kit for the inside chime and nothing looked out of the ordinary and looked fine. It was also working just fine before this. Do I need to get a replacement doorbell? A replacement kit? Thanks y’all.

Hi @user30067. What is the voltage rating for the transformer that your Ring Pro 2 is hardwired to? In the Ring app, in the Device Health menu, what is the power reading? It sounds like your Ring Pro 2 may be underpowered, but we’ll have to verify to be sure.