Problem with Ring 2 setup

I returned a Ring 2 and got a new one because it would not connect to my network, only to find out this one is doing exactly the same thing. I turn on the set up button and go to the app, it asks me if the white light on the front of my Ring 2 is spinning, I say yes. It directs me to my WiFi settings, I choose the ring network and go back to the app. It then asks again if the white light is spinning, I say yes, it takes me to the WiFi settings again, and so on and so on. Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do to fix it?

Hi @Darlynn1995. Were you able to get your device set up? Normally if you cannot connect to the Ring AP network (where it wanted you to connect from the wifi settings), it’s best to try setting up the device from another device such as another phone or tablet that the Ring app can be downloaded onto. In addition, when you are being directed to go to the wifi settings, this is to connect the Ring AP network that will have some letters and numbers at the end that match the end of your MAC ID, if this helps during that connection process! :slight_smile: