Problem with Old Nutone and Ring Doorbell

Have a Ring Video Doorbell connected to a very old (30+ years old) Nutone Concerto Doorbell. Worked perfectly for 6 months then suddenly it decided to ring randomly about 3-4 time an hour. I called support and they said it was not compatible with the RIng Doorbell. I unhooked it and put the old 2 wire doorbell back on and works perfect.

I don’t buy that it is not compatible when it worked fine for 6 months. Any thoughts?

Hey @Robo. We do have a list of Chime Kits that are compatible with the Ring Video Doorbell 2, which you can find here. If you do not find your Chime Kit in these lists, this would be why we have said it’s not compatible. Although, just cause it’s not in the list doesn’t mean it won’t work! Sometimes you do just have to re-wire it, as the wiring could’ve possibly been lose. I recommend doing that as a first step if you seem to run into this down the road again. :slight_smile: