Problem with new stickup cam (3rd Generation) reconnect to WIFI after WIFI was rebooted

I have problems with the new stickup cameras (3rd generation) reconnecting to Wifi after Wifi is rebooted. This happens to 2 stickup cameras at different locations of the house with excellent reception. Any suggestion?

Hey @WWJL! As long as nothing was changed in the network settings, our devices should automatically reconnect after you reboot your network. Rebooting a router can present some variables in itself, such as updates and IP address delegation for example. If your Cams did not automatically reconnect, try performing a setup from scratch to reintroduce to your network. Let me know if this works! :slight_smile:

Yes. Resetting the device will work. This situation is not acceptable when I have electricity outage. After the outage, the stickup cam will stay up still but the router will reboot. After the reboot, the stickup cam will not reconnect. I have tested it with 2 of my stick up cam close and 5 feet away from wifi router, they both don’t work. I believe this is a defect in the device software.

It should definitely autoconnect after an outage. Have you talked to support to take a further look into this?