Problem with hard wired camera

Any suggestions on what the problem is with my hard wired camera? When my 30 day free trial for recording was over, my camera is on again then off. I realize I can’t see any videos now that my subscription is expired but when it is off, I can’t even go live. When it went off line, I followed all instructions including rebooting the router, pressing the reset button on the camera for 20 seconds and rebooting the ring pro extender. The circuit the camera is wired into is working fine. I guess I can remove the camera and confirm the connections there are secure but I’m not a novice at wiring so this will likely be a dead end. Plus the on again, off again activity of the camera probably means something else. What do I do next? Throw the thing into the trash?

Hi @rwiller1. If your Ring Camera is disconnecting from wifi often, it’s likely the strength of the connection that is causing this. What is the RSSI for your Camera? You can find the RSSI on the Device Health page in the Ring app. If this number is on the higher end, you’ll want to try and improve the wifi connection that your Camera is receiving. We have more information on wifi and steps you can take to improve your connection in our Help Center Article here. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

It’s in the green - 54.

And I have a ring chime pro not 20 feet from the camera.

@rwiller1 What is the approximate distance between the Camera and your wifi router? We typically recommend a distance of no more than 20-25 feet between your Ring device and the wifi access point. Wifi extenders, such as a Chime Pro, are recommended to be placed at around a halfway point between the Ring device and your wifi router. Also, which model of Ring Camera do you have? You can find the model name on the original packaging, on the back of the device itself, or on the Device Health page.

My Ring Chime Pro is approximately halfway between my router and my camera. Odd that connectivity worked just fine until my free video recording trial expired.

The model name on device health page is Floodlight Cam (2nd Gen).

On the box it says the camera is 1080p HD and 140 degree field of view.

I’m truly disappointed in the performance of Ring and this camera. It’s turned out to be nothing more than an expensive decoy.