Problem with Echo Show

Every time I ask my Echo Show to show me the front door it says “front door is not responding” and I’ve googled the crap out of troubleshooting tips, all to no avail. I do know it’s not a naming problem for sure. Anyone able to help?

Hi @Drkrvs, are you able to pull up the Live View for your Doorbell through the Ring app? If you’re able to pull up the Live View and it loads properly, then you’ll have to do more in-depth troubleshooting with the Alexa device. Let me know what your situation is on the Live View through the Ring app though! In addition, if the Live View doesn’t load in the Ring app, take a look at yourdevice health and your RSSI.


I had the exact same problem. I believe it has to do with my router having multiple wifi it has 2 2.4gz and 2 5gz. My echo and ring were hooked to the 2.4 along with my bedroom TV which was then lagging. I chabged one of thos to my 5gz wifi then nothing worked together

I have the same problem. Can you advise what the problem is and how it was resolved? My ring apps can show live view, but not Echo Show 5. It always says “front door is not responding”. I did factory reset and it didn’t help.

It used to work well. I am not sure if it has anything to do with my newly installed mesh wifi router.