Problem wiht Flood Light - need Direct-Control mode for Flood Light Cam

We have a hard wired (no switch) Floodlight Cam over our back patio. When we are out there, it continually turns on and off based on the motion sensor (we have a gazebo andit shuts off when we are under that, but as soon as motion is sensed, the floodlight turns on). I would like to be able to turn it on (and stay on) or off (and stay off) via the app and not have it changed base on the motion sensor. I would think this is possible but for the life of me, can’t find setting that allow this. Am I missing something?

I think a ‘Mode’ that allow direct-control of the light and camera (meaning I can turn it off and it will stay off), or a ‘timed’ mod that will keep the light and/or camer off for X hours would be useful.

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I 100% agree this is an area in which Ring could improve. I have pretty much the identical problem. I have a back deck with a wired floodlight cam. I want the lights to come on with motion if I’m not using that space. However, if I’m entertaining guests, I would rather they just stay off. However, with motion, the lights are constantly on again off again and quite annoying. I have disabled the lights with motion, which keeps motion from activating them, but I would suggest a feature be added to Modes which would allow the user to establish more control over the lights. Perhaps a dark mode or something. Or just allow the user to disable the lights while the system is in disarm mode.