Problem setting up Guest access


I am having a problem (probably my lack of understanding) adding myself as a second user to my Ring doorbell.

We have set up the doorbell using an email account we use for home automation - lets call it This is set up and working on an iPhone we use as a control device.

Now I want to add my own personal email and my own personal iPad as a second device to monitor the same doorbell. And this seems to be more problematic than I think it should be.

On our main automation device I have added me (lets say as a guest user. I received the email and followed the prompts to add my own account here. All good so far. When I log into that account it wants me to go through the Setup Device process all over again which means I need to unmount the doorbell and rescan the barcode and repeat the setup process - that doesn’t seem right so I think I am not following the correct process.

I would expect that having set up my account via the email generated by the “Add guest” request, it should automatically link to the doorbell device that I have already set up.

Or am I missing something really obvious !!!



Hi @AndrewShaw-Wrk. This Help Center article here will show you how to add a Shared User. All you need to do is be logged in under the owners email address, then follow the steps in the Help Center article. If you want to have multiple devices, such as a phone or tablet, you can add them as a Shared User or just simply login to the Ring app with the same credentials as you do on your primary device. I hope this information helps!

Hi Tom,

Thanks for replying.
I was trying to say in my original message that we have followed that process of adding a shared user exactly as described and yet when I sign in using the new email address we added I am unable to see the video doorbell.



Hey @AndrewShaw-Wrk. Thanks for clearing that up. When the shared user is logged in, are they on the same location as the owner? When in the Ring app, tap on the Menu, then select the Location at the top of the screen. If that doesn’t allow you to view the cameras, you may need to contact our support team to sort this out. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for following up.

Yes, I have double checked the location in the Ring app when I log in (also deleted and reinstalled the app just to be sure) and the location is correct, it matches our address.

I am outside the US, I am in Australia so I will have a look at the page you mentioned to find my best support option to get this fixed.



There is no support listed for Australia - that’s surprisingly poor.

I have to ask, why are you freely selling your products in a country and then not providing support? I bought the doorbell at a major “big box” bricks and mortar retailer in my country so there is nothing “online” or illegal about my purchase.

And don’t blame COVID, that’s a cop-out.

Now what would you recommend I do? (whilst I explore your competitors’ offerings)

Hi @AndrewShaw-Wrk. The number listed on this link here is the correct number for Australia. If you contact our support team, I’m confident they will be able to resolve this for you. Feel free to update the Community with how our support team was able to help.

Thanks Tom. I did manage to locate the Australian number after some further digging.

I will attempt to call, but due to throat cancer I find phone calls very difficult.
Its a shame that is my only option - it seems to preclude people with speech difficulties.