Problem installing Pro Power Kit (for Ring Doorbell Pro)

I just bought a Ring Doorbell Pro (to replace existing hardwired doorbell), and the first thing in the instructions is install the Pro Power Kit, which is a little device that goes inside the existing doorbell box, and has two wires: one is to be attached to the “Transformer” terminal, the other to the “Front”. Sounds simple. It’s purpose is to provide the proper power level to operate the doorbell.

I removed the decorative cover on my inside doorbell chime and there are TWO transformer terminals, Transformer A and Transformer B, instead of just one like is in the instructions. I used both in turn, and had the same issue with each one.

The problem is that the doorbell starts chiming when I hook up the Power Kit, and just keeps on chiming as long as the Power Kit is hooked up. Note that I did not turn the power off at the breaker box because it is so poorly labeled that I have no idea which breaker the doorbell chime is on.

Not knowing anything else to do, I scheduled a professional installation through Amazon, but thought I’d check here and see if anybody could suggest a solution. If so, I can cancel the Amazon order.

I found the problem - unfortunately, my existing doorbell, a Broan 305 or 306, is incompatible with the Ring Doorbell Pro. I returned Ring to the retailer and bought a battery-operated Video Doorbell 2 instead.

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Hey @GaryJ! Glad to see you’ve found a solution that works for you. There is also the option to bypass the existing chime kit for the benefit of power over chime functionality. In this scenario, we recommend using one of our Chime devices for in-home notifications. If you prefer to proceed with the Video Doorbell 2, you can also connect the existing wires to the back of the Doorbell 2 to provide a charge to its battery. Keep in mind, the existing chime kit may not work as intended if it is not on the Chime Compatibility list. I hope this helps!