Problem connecting my Wired Ring Doorbell

Im from the PH, got my Wired Ring doorbell from my sister who lives in the UK. Ive been using this wired ring doorbell for months already, but yesterday when checking the feed, its offline and doesnt connect to my wifi, I didnt change wifi or password.

So I search through google and youtube for possible problems. It says that I can reset my doorbell by pressing the orange button for 10-12seconds. Deleted the saved device on the app, reset my router too, changed wifi name and password, deleted my ring app and install it again, also tried making a new Ring account.

Still nothing helps and I cannot install/ connect my doorbell. On the set up mode, Ill reach to where my phone would connect to the doorbell network “Ring-dbc049”, and then connecting to the my home wifi, until it reaches 95% then would again prompt to connect to the ring network where I wont be able to connect this time, until reaching the manually connect to the network. But checking on settings, ring network “Ring-dbc049” cant be found. And the set up would fail.

Tried doing it for more than 10x already :woman_facepalming:t3: Im getting upset and frustrated. Please help me fix this problem. Thanks

Talked to an agent and helped me fix the problem! :clap:t3: The representative was very patient helping me.

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What was the solution?

Hi @AAph. If you’re experiencing issues during the setup process for your Ring Doorbell or Security Camera, these troubleshooting steps might help resolve the issue for you. Make sure you have verified your wifi network name and password, and that you are within good range of your wifi router during the setup process.

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