Pro Power Kit

I have a present Ring Doorbell from 2016…

Now need to upgrade to Ring Doorbell PRO.

Regarding Ring Pro Power Kit that came as accessory :

I have now two wires connected to the present Doorbell with 8-24 VAC power

**Do I need to install the Pro Power Kit ? **


Hi @Ronen. Yes, if you are installing the Ring Pro, you will need to also install the Pro Power Kit. This helps regulate the current and makes sure your Ring Pro is powered.

Is it ok to connect the Pro Power Kit to these output cables on my indoor AC-powered bell ?


Please see Pic…

Hi @Ronen. From the photos you provided, that looks to be rated for 8V/1A. Our Ring Pro requires a minimum of 16V and 30VA. With that being said, they do not appear to be compatible. I would recommend to reach out to a licensed and trusted electrician to see about wiring up a compatible transformer. I hope this helps!

Is there an option for 220V AC, 60 Hz Ring’s Hardwired Transformer for Video Doorbell Pro ?

(Not 120V)


Hi @Ronen. There is not an option for 220 VAC. It is only compatible with the standard 120 VAC.

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So I can’t use it unfortunately.

Have you tried using the Plug-In Adapter for Ring Video Doorbell Pro…

…just picked one, as the transformers that come with it keep breaking, such that I’ve been without the door bell for the last 9 months.
I think you can buy the Ring Pro with them now instead of the transformer version, which never lasted for me!

I’m going plug it in to a socket near my doorbell transformer box and connect it to the wires that go to the doorbell, instead of having them connected to the transformer.