Pro Power Kit V3

Hi I am based in the UK.

I bought the Spare Parts kit which includes the Power Kit V3 to connect the Honeywell D117 wired mechanical doorbell chime to my Ring Video Doorbell.

However the Ring customer service agent provided an installation diagram which is for 2 doorbells (front and rear) and I have no idea how it should be wired.

Is there a correct diagram for my setup which is: 1 Doorbell, 1 Mechanical Chime, 1 Ring Transformer and Echo Show?
(PS Echo show is just for receiving wi-fi doorbell alerts through the Ring app and doesn’t need wiring)

Should I wire like this? But how would the internal doorbell (chime) receive ground, as that is directly connected to the doorbell?

I followed the diagram on the right side to connect the door bell, transformer and chime. Everything works, but:

Which terminals do I connect the power kit. T3(Transformer) and F0(Front)?

Why do I even need it if the chime works?

Any response would be appreciated

Hi @KAIS. Can you please confirm which model of Video Doorbell you are installing? The model name should be on the original packaging, or on the Device Health page in the Ring app. For some Doorbell models, the installation instructions can vary based on what region you’re in, so it’s important to know which model you have. Additionally, the Pro Power Kit V3 is only intended for use with the Video Doorbell Pro 2.

Product Name: Video Doorbell Pro.
Amazon Product: Ring Video Doorbell Pro Kit with Chime & Transformer
Region: UK

So the Power Kit V3 came today. It didn’t chime when connected to T3(Transformer) and F0(Front). It works when connected to where the Transformer connects: T3(Transformer) and 1.

I guess I solved this myself. HTH anyone who comes across the same situation.

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@KAIS Thanks for that confirmation, and I’m glad to hear everything is working properly now. :slight_smile:

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