Pro Power Kit V3 kills indoor chime


I just acquired a Ring Pro V2 doorbell. All the “ring” stuff works fine, but my indoor chime is now INOP. This is the second Ring. I returned the first to Amazon for this same issue; figuring that the doorbell was defective. No luck, second one behaves the same.

I hooked up my good Fluke multimeter to the back terminals of the Ring, and see about 20VAC. When I press the button on the Ring, that voltage goes down to zero for a moment. So the Ring is closing the connection.

Here’s where it gets weird. If I disconnect the Ring and put it aside , the chime STILL DOESN’T WORK. Huh? So I disconnected the “Pro v3 power kit” at the chime, and then it works ( by touching the wires, ring doorbell still disconnected ).

So somehow, the power kit is disabling the chime.

The chime is a bone-standard “ding-dong” unit. Made by Desa Specialty Products. It doesn’t appear in the compatibility list, nor in the “not compatible” list.

What to do? What’s inside that power kit, anyway? I suspect it’s mostly protection from inductive surges from the chime.

I just called Ring Support. They said it’s OK to run the Pro V2 without the
Pro V3 Power Kit. Without the Power Kit, the indoor chime rings normally.
I hope the Ring doesn’t get fried by inductive kicks from the chime.

The first guy on the phone had me wait while he checked on it with somebody else.

Hi @user68420. Thank you for sharing the outcome of your call with our support team. In the majority of cases, the Pro Power Kit V3 is required for installation with the Doorbell Pro 2. It sounds like you were advised by support not to use the Pro Power Kit for your setup specifically, which could be due to your chime kit. I’m glad to hear all is working well so far! If you do run into any other power issues with the Doorbell, definitely follow back up with support so they can take a closer look. :slight_smile: