Pro Power kit is not working.

My Pro Ring doorbell stopped working and I have troubleshot the problem to the pro power kit. How do I get another pro power kit to replace so I can get the doorbell to work again?

HELP I can’t find where to order another or how to access the parts .

Thank you


Please could someone in the parts department help me resolve my issue.


Hi @VHuertaz! The Pro Power Kit can be found in our spare parts kits on Visit, then the accessories page, and choose the Video Doorbell Pro Spare Parts Kit. You’ll see this comes with the Pro Power Kit and other additional installation parts.

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What’s the purpose of the power kit that comes with ring pro? I got one yesterday and don’t know what to do with it? Help please. Thanks.

Hey @Utrankar. The Pro Power Kit is needed for every install of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro as it is the regulator for the power from the transformer, to the internal chime kit and then to the Doorbell itself. If you do not have this installed when setting up the device, you can cause damage to your device.