Pro Power Kit install on Pro that has no existing chime

I just moved into our new home we built that does not have a indoor chime or existing doorbell. I bought two Video Pro’s and a plug in chime to use for the doorbell…one Pro for front and one for back door. They are each hard wired to their own transformer and both transformers are getting their input power from the same power wire that comes from the breaker panel.

We just got internet the other day and that allowed us to finally set the front door video camera up. It worked for one full day and then lost all power. I was reading online and came across that the pro has a USB for charging. So I threw it on the charger and it came on and still connected to my phone (let it charge for ten hours). I checked the transformer for the front door and it was getting 124v on the primary side but had no output voltage being sent out. Removed the transformer and checked for continuity and realized I had an open secondary winding.

Spoke to a support tech on the phone and they said I need to install the Pro Power Kit so it can help regulate the power. The instructions for the Pro Power Kit says to install one wire on the transformer terminal and the other to the front terminal on the chime. Since I have no chime (which I told the tech) how do I install the Power Kit? Just attached Power Kit wires to both terminals on the transformer (neutral and hot) and then insert the doorbell wires? Does that work the same? My wife did say that when she was trying to add the plug in chime as an accessory to the Pro, that is when the power went out on the doorbell.

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