Pro 2 Temperature

For those of you that own the Pro 2, does yours run really hot? The back of mine was so hot today I could barely touch it. I called ring and they said it was 117 degrees and that it was too hot. My transformer is new and the unit itself had been running fine in cooler outdoor temperatures. The doorbell is under a covered porch so no direct sunlight.

Going through the same. Mine went up to 136°. Having a security team calling me today to see what’s going on. Tech support told me anything over 113° will cause internal damage and to unplug it. Mine was originally on a new transformer supplying 18v. They sent a replacement and the same thing happened. Then they suggested using their plug-in adapter but that didn’t help either. Decided to buy another pro 2, and that one was 129°. Very frustrating

I’ve been through a couple new doorbells with different transformers - same temperature issue.