Pro 2 replaced old Ring. Doorbell chime will not work

Hello, My house was built 5 years ago and the Ring Door bell was install when the house was built. It is hardwired to the indoor chime. It started having issues and I have decided to replace it with a Pro 2. The original Rind did not have a power adapter in the door chime. I have replaced the old Ring with the new Pro 2 and installed the power adapter in the door chime as per the instructions.
The Ring Pro 2 works. It has been synced to my phone, when you press the button, it rings by phone but it will not ring the inside chime. I removed the power adapter and it rings but the chime hums.

Not sure what to do. Marc

I double checked and my chime (Nutone BL125LW-1) is on the Ring compatible list

Turns out that you have to turn on that you have a mechanical chine in the settings. I did not know that.


Hey there @Hawthorne19. Glad that you were able to figure this out!

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