Pro 2 Doorbell - Power Level 1 but Poor voltage

…installed a new 16v 30a transformer …power level now shows 1 (strong transformer) but voltage is 15v and showing poor red status…i ran new 18gauge wire from transformer to where mechanical chime is located. I was going to install a 24v transformer but my Carlon DH506 is only rated 16v…i realize that the fact the doorbell (wired pro 2) is supposed to see 16-24v and that is why the poor status of 15v is showing…any idea how to correct?

the new transformer did allow me to turn on package alerts though

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Hi @tecboy. Using 18G wire is the ideal gauge for wiring a Ring Doorbell, as mentioned in this Help Center article here. Do you have your Pro Power Kit installed? Also, in your Ring app, do you have the correct Chime Kit selection? This is under the Device Settings and General Settings menu.

Just had my electrician install the Ring transformer as well. Power Level was 2, now it is Level 1 but the Device Health is reading low voltage. It was fine with the old transformer. Sounds like a bug.

I found a 16.5 40VA transformer on amazon…swapped out with this new one…now doorbell fluctuates between 16v and 17v according to device health…not sure what helped…the extra half a volt or extra 10VA of power…all looks good now

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I installed a ring transformer and had the same fluctuations, although it indicates Power Level 1 and all works as expected. Called Support and they said to ignore the app reported issue. It can sometimes be wonky. Showed me Poor for awhile then changed to Good. :man_shrugging: