Pro 2 Door Bell - Issues with Two Mechanical Chimes

Hello Friends, I hope you can help. I am not getting anywhere with Ring support. I have a newer house, one front door/door bell and two mechanical chimes, one on first floor, one on second. I have the Ring Pro 2 installed, device health shows all it good. Problem, only one of my two mechanical chimes is working, the one where I connect the Ring Power Pro v3 module dongle does not work/chime. My transformer puts out 24volts. If I take the Pro v3 module off, the mechanical chime sits and buzzes or vibrates. What do I need to do. Thank you!

Hi @user36255. What is the make and model of each of your chime kits? Is there any voltage information on the chime kits? Also, can you please share a picture of how the Pro Power Kit is installed?

Thank you for your help. I have two Nutone mechanical chimes. There are no model numbers on them. There are no voltage specs marked on them. My transformer is a 24v 30vac.

My Power Pro v3 (I wish I new what this actually does.

This is a video I’ve found connecting 2 doorbells. Maybe worth leaving a comment in the video as it seems you have a 30amp transformer which has enough power for 2 doorbell chimes.

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I returned my Ring Pro 2 Doorbell. The frustration is not worth it. Life is too short. With proper voltage, proper amperage, correct install of doorbell and power pro kit v3, this set up will not power two mechanical chimes. I fished through this forum and there are many others. Also, my front door gets partial sun, facing south. There is no way this doorbell makes it more than a couple summers in Arizona. Also, think about it. Your door bell transformer is designed to run a tiny little lightbulb and then for short bursts when someone pushes the doorbell. Ring expects your transformer to perform at peak voltage 24x7. How long will that last? These video door bells are not something to set and forget. Look at the pages and pages of frustrated users in the forum alone. I will just put up a spotlight cam plus by my front door and reinstate the tried and true mechanical door bell system that has worked 24x7 for the last 13 years without issue.