Privacy vs audio

When people are outside my door, I feel like breaking their privacy rights if I can hear their talking from first second of motion detection. (I doubt even this is legal?) So i switched off “Audio streaming and recording” in the privacy settings. But a huge drawback is then that I’m no longer able to hear them when I answer their call after they press my dorbell button, either!! So the two-way communication - one of the reasons for buying this - is in fact non-existing. Unless someone know how to have audio disabled only until I answer (green ‘pick up the phone’ -icon)?
My Doorbell is the 2nd generation.

Hi @Oyvind. The Audio Streaming and Recording feature can only be completely enabled or disabled. There’s not a option to have it only on during certain events. If you are concerned with privacy, I would check with your local municipalities on the laws regarding such. I hope this helps!