Pricing for seniors

Hi, I contacted customer services regarding senior pricing and they asked me to put a post up in community (not good enough!) I would like Ring to consider pricing plans for the elderly or seniors whose ring doorbell & products mean much more than security. Family members will have to pay at this rate or cancel subscriptions. Seems short sighted and could be a great win for Rings CSR… so Ring, what do you say?

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Suggestions should be posted here (Feature Request Board - Ring Community) so that folks can vote on them. If they get enough votes then Ring might consider the idea.
Looks for your suggestion first though and if already there vote, if not, feel free to add it yourself.


YES VOTE. There should be a Senior Citizens Discount.


user14229 -

While I can certainly sympathize with someone who may be living on a fixed income… it would seemingly be problematic for Ring to offer a Senior Discount for customers who purchase products online.

How would Ring know if a particular customer was actually the age they claimed? If Ring simply took a customer’s word for it, they would probably quickly be inundated with people who were falsely claiming they were seniors.

From a consumer standpoint, it would presumably be extremely foolish for a customer to scan their Driver’s License (or other official government-issued identification card) and send a copy to Ring. (Obviously, providing ANYONE with a copy of an official government-issued identification card can potentially set you up for all sorts of serious harm, including various types of criminal activity.) Even if you feel you can trust Ring (as well the other companies that are associated with Ring in some manner), what if a data breach occurred?

I would also advise against providing your birthdate. The less personally-identifying information that others know about you, the better. (If you don’t believe me, it may be in your best interest to quickly attempt to get educated about consumer privacy/security issues – particularly those that tend to pose serious problems for seniors. Sadly, far too many seniors become victims of criminal activity because they aren’t savvy about such matters.)

In any case, good luck in attempting to strengthen your home security!

Hi, thanks for your post, part of the reason I ask this is not only cost, in the uk we have some local authorities already using amazon Alexa to support independent living and also talk of virtual wards. So many websites take a date of birth but don’t ask you to prove it, say if you bought your ring in store you could show proof then or I’ve even had new employment checks by showing documents via video call. I could see how ring and Alexa could potentially work for reassurance for other family members to keep an eye on older relatives. Best.