Price v.s. Quality

It was hard to decide between

A. a hardwire (simple twist-interlock) home security system. This system includes 4 cameras, and a monitoring software and a built in hard drive capable of storing all footage within the capable memory allowed on the built in hard drive as well as a port for an external hard drive. Quality is proficient ( I have personally installed them). Amazon: starting at $375.00(USD)


A Ring floodlight camera with all kinds of cool built in features. Not to mention the app is VERY user friendly. Selection for range of motion is great after adjustments, and the settings for alerts are quite appealing.
Nothing worse then getting 3 alerts because a napkin blew in the wind
I also preach highly about the ring solar panel. My batteries rotate between 99% and 100%, which i found to be a blessing.

My reason for this post is to address the quality. I am not bashing the product. I believe my setup cost around $500.00(USD) and I chose Ring because they are well known! What I didn’t know was that I only have 30 days before I have to pay to view my footage.
Footage of my house, my every day life, stored where ? And released only if I pay monthly.

That’s fine and all, we as consumers click the check-mark and we agree to it all. BUT WHERE IS THE QUALITY.

I can barely see a face in my ring camera. Try to zoom in on a license plate! What’s the point of security if the quality of the footage is too poor to hold up in court.

Overall I may be returning my ring cameras, I loved them but they are certainly not all they are claimed to be. The quality of the footage (moving footage) is poor to say the least. I can’t even read my own license plate number and it’s in my driveway approximately 25 feet from the camera.

Ring I am disappointed

If you want high quality cameras to read license plates from a distance you are going to have to spend a lot more money that what you do on Ring or other low priced cameras.
I have cameras that I use with software you can purchase to run with security cameras that provide much better options. But you have to be willing to run it yourself and store the video locally. Having a computer dedicated would be the preference.