Price increase update--timing

Like everyone I was upset at the July 1 price increase. Especially since mine was just renewed on Mar. 20, 2022. I chatted with an agent “Jhofeih” and s/he confirmed that I won’t be forced to pay the $39.99 until Mar. 20, 2023. I took screen shots and s/he emailed me a confirmation of what we discussed along with our chat log. So it seems that we won’t be charged the higher rate until your “contract” is up for renewal.

Nothing confusing about the fact they are increasing prices by an extortionate amount in the middle of a cost of living crisis and trying to excuse it by adding features no one asked for.

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Price increases are understandable. It’s the size and arbitrary nature of the increase (10$ is not the same as £10 for example) and the completely tone-deaf phrasing as if they’re doing people a favour and increasing value.
The poor copy and paste responses from their customer service and Twitter accounts as well as the technical difficulties in cancelling are compounding all this.

Just to be clear, they are not “passing on their costs to the customer”. The increases would be smaller and proportional if that were the case. Also, allegedly this is in exchange for new features and not in response to increased costs.


I am not to happy for the price increase. The updates that were mentioned are really not benefiting the subscribers, this is really disappointing. I recommend better updates screening unnecessary postings on the neighborhoods, system block outs, weather updates where there are other apps available for weather updates this should not be on the Ring. We need longer access recordings to download.

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You said it exactly. My Dad is 80 and can’t afford Amazon’s greed. So sad such a good company is going to trash b/c Amazon bought it . They could at least offer Amazon Prime members a discount. I agree, a 25% increase is just wrong during a cost of living crisis.