Previous home owner left some motion and window alarms for me, how can i use them?


Moved into a home recently where the previous owner had left some motion sensors and door sensors on windows. But i cant seem to find a base station, i tried adding them in ring app, but could not add them (these devices are not showing up in ring app). I am attaching the pictures of these :

What do i need to make them work? Asked realtor to contact seller to remove them from their account. but anything else i can do to make them usable?


Congrats on your new home and Ring Alarm devices, @vallme2003! Reaching out to the prior owner was the best first step to take, now you can ensure that you can take ownership of your Alarm devices easily. In order to actually setup these Ring Alarm devices you would need to have an Alarm Base Station, which can be found at As you already have some device, the standard Alarm kit should work for you, but there are many options to cover your entire home as well. If you have any other questions, ask away! :slight_smile:

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@Marley_Ring - can you factory reset sensors and add them to a new Base Station? Or would they need to be removed first from the original one?

It seems OP’s prior owner may have taken the base station with them (I know I would if I would move) but left behind the contact sensors. If you can reset it and add them to the new Base station that’s all OP would need. But if they need to be removed first and prior owner doesn’t respond, then they are as good as doorstops (tiny ones that is).

Hi @su_A_ve. Happy to answer for Marley here. Yes, you can factory reset the Ring Alarm sensors as described in this help center article here. Once reset, you should be able to add them to any Base Station!