Previews not available - stick up Cam

Had a problem this morning that a lot of people seem to have had, namely that for no reason my stick up camera (battery with solar power) started reporting ‘Preview not available’ on all browser based dashboards - it worked fine on iPhone dashboard.
Following the threads Ring Support had asked people to contact them if this happened, so I did and this is a cautionary tale of how useless Ring support is.

I went through the issue in detail with the first person, who didn’t listen to me at all.
I replicated the issue on two MacBooks (safari and chrome) and on 1 windows machine with IE and Edge. I was told by the support person they couldn’t help. This function has worked fine for 3 months.
I called again, same process, this time the support person said the function was not supported on any browser - despite me looking at a dashboard with 10 out of 11 devices working perfectly.

So for those suffering this problem, it turned out to be really simple, the battery was too low to support previews. I didn’t spot this as I’d changed the battery the day before but it seemed like the battery hadn’t fully charged. The solar had become disconnected so the rind camera didn’t have enough power to run previews. Replaced the batter and reconnected Solar and it now works perfectly.

I will think twice before I waste my time talking to Ring support again.

Hi @des_powley. I’m sorry to hear that you had this experience. In the future, don’t hesitate to reach out to our social media teams for assistance. You can contact them via Facebook or Twitter by sending a private message.