Preview Not Showing

As the title suggests, my preview for my garage camera isn’t showing. The camera works fine when I click on it for live view but doesn’t show a preview in my list. I’ve reset the connection numerous times and held the setup button for more than 20 seconds twice. I then took the battery out for a minute and then put it back like I saw as a suggestion in another post. I’ve even removed it as a device a few times and had it go through the whole process. The firmware is perfectly up to date in the status. I’m not sure what else I can do on my end

Hi @CastleMaddog. Thank you for attaching those screenshots and detailing what you have already done! Good of you also to check on the firmware and try those troubleshooting steps, as it is detailed in our Help Center Article here that this usually happens when the unit has failed to update its firmware. Firmware updates should be automatic, and as you stated, it states it’s up to date in the app. Since you have exhausted what you can do on your end, could you reach out to our support team to take a deeper look into this? Please let me know what they’re able to do for you, as your answer may help other neighbors that may have this concern in the future! :slight_smile: