Press button, Alexa/Echo announces, SHOW ME THE VIDEO AUTOMATICALLY!

Who would off thought that customers would want to spend money on a device that rings inside the house, and then we have to voice our command to this other device, that we also purchased, to show us the video? I mean, it’s not like we could had stayed with our 2018 and previous technology of someone rings the doorbell and we walk to the peephole to see who’s there…

Come one, Alexa, Amazon, get your act together. If someone RINGS the doorbell and I own one of your Echo devices that you so much sell very nicely with the video, but you all forgot to mention to the customer making the purchases that you have to VOICE it. We want INSTANT video; that’s the SOLE purpose of them devices, for if not, I simply install a camera outside, that is always showing me feed, and I simply look at the camera; or a baby monitor. No need to wait for the voice command.

Ok, ok, you REALLY need for us, the customers, to voice our command… ok, how about let us, the customers, create a ROUTINE that will then AUTOMATICALLY open the video feed? But nope, won’t allow that either! Can’t be part of a routine either. Incredible. How are the software developers not catch up to this.