Pre-Purchase questions on Ring Elite

I have family members that sometimes live with me, and sometimes at another home. Can the ring elite only notify members in the house when they are actually in my house? (maybe only notify members on the local wifi?)

Also, I currently don’t have a door chime on my existing doorbell (which is a PoE doorbell also - I think by Elan). I assume this doesn’t really matter - I could just purchase the Chime 2nd Gen and put it anywhere?

Hi, basically No and No… at least based on what I think you are asking.

No, Ring Doorbell/cam access and notifications are not Geofenced in the way you want.

No, a Ring Chime will only work with Ring Doorbells/cams.

The Ring Elite models offer a PoE cat cable network connectivity option.There is no other additional functionality.

@CanadaBri Basically the Ring Elite is a Ring Pro 1 with PoE connection and a slightly different design. Its like for like on other features beyond the PoE essentially. With regards to the chime I think you are asking if you got the Ring could you also get a chime and plug it in anywhere, if so then yes as long as it can connect to WiFi. It will however only work with Ring devices.