Pre-Purchase: Alert delay with battery powered?

Hi All,
A quick pre-purchase question if I may.
I’m currently looking at adding a Ring Video Doorbell - main issue is that there is no existing doorbell wiring in place, so it looks like something battery powered is the way forward.
I’m aware of the shortcomings of battery - things like it’ll never last as long as claimed etc.
One issue that keeps on coming up when I read reviews etc is the “delay” between doorbell being pressed or motion being sensed and me, the user, being alerted to this.
Is that actually an issue to be worried about?
I saw one person say they would have actually missed calls at the door because the alert delay was so long.
Second question is can multiple people have access to the same doorbell? Two adults in the household - they can both have alerts on phones/apps etc?
Very final question - just because this would be a battery operated doorbell, I can still use a chime If I want?

Thanks all for your help.

Great questions, @SoufferTheCat! The optimal operation of our devices will depend on resources, such as battery and wifi connection. Like many IoT devices, ensuring for a sufficient wifi signal strength will always help you to obtain an efficient and intended experience, in which our devices have a device health indicator known as RSSI for you to see in the Ring app.

As for any delay between motion events with battery devices, you may have seen neighbors refer to Motion Frequency, which is a setting that can be adjusted at any time.

The time between any event is minimal and should be non-impacting as the device will be ready for the next event right away, once it has completed the event in-progress. There are also features in place such as Pre-Roll, Recording Length, Motion Frequency, and more, that can fine tune operation. Some of these features will depend on Video Doorbell model, so be sure to compare them here.

In regards to multiple users, our help center article about Shared Users contains steps and breaks down what a shared user can do. Indeed they can receive and answer notifications, among other things.

Last but not least, our battery powered Video Doorbells do have the ability to be connected to wiring for obtaining a trickle charge to the battery and operating an existing (compatible) chime kit. I put together this Hardwiring Checklist that I use for this type of battery powered Video Doorbell installation. I hope this helps and welcome to the Community, neighbor! :slight_smile: