Powering ring door bell pro on Panasonic Door Bell chime, EBG888, 220v ~ 3.5w 50Hz

I have a Panasonic Door Bell chime, EBG888, 220v ~ 3.5w 50Hz.

I want to power my new wired ring door bell pro using the above existing door chime wiring. Please advise. i want the ring door bell to replace the door bell chime.

I watched this video but the panasonic chime has only two wires. Installing the Ring Video Doorbell Pro – Step-by-Step - YouTube


Hi @user41786. I have searched for this chime in our chime compatibility list for the Pro, and it is not on the list, which means it is most likely not compatible with the Pro. This Help Center article has a list of compatible chimes that you can use as a reference if you want to replace your chime with one that is compatible. We strongly recommend consulting a qualified electrician if you are not comfortable with hardwiring. If you do not want to replace your chime and install your Pro, you can use a Plug-In Adapter (2nd Generation) to power up your Pro.

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