Power supply ring 2nd gen

As a qualified electrician I have never seen so much information and conflicting advice as the for the ring video door bells.

Anyways having realised my own original doorbell chime is not compatible I decided to wire the door bell directly. Can someone please tell me is it possible with or without a resistor( makes no sense) that I can connect directly to a power supply.

Can someone also tell me what the minimum power supply spec is? I have seen a max spec WTF!

Any advice please

The use of a resistor will depend on which model of Video Doorbell you have. Check out the article below for comparing the older classic model with the latest Video Doorbells. There it will show the latest models will not need a wire wound resistor, but the original Video Doorbell model would.

For further assistance with installation, visit the Help Center at Ring.com to find great resources and installation directions. :slight_smile:

thanks but this is where the problems start. that link clearly states that the 2020 release requires a 24Vac supply. But the ring branded plug in charger is 24VDC.

Ring really need to get their act together.

Hi @Chriswastle. This Community Post here had a similar question about the Voltage labeling and the Plug-In Adapter. I hope my answer there can clear things up for you.