Power Source on App Not Correct

I have two Ring cameras. Both have solar panels. On the app, one shows “Solar Panel” and the other shows “Power Outlet.”


Hey @Halfpap. What camera is this in reference to? If this is for the Stick Up Cam 3rd Generation, it may be just an in-app bug because of how the devices were designed. Since the Solar Panels provide a trickle charge to the devices and are connected via the barrel plug in the back of the device, this is the same kind of way the Plug-In version of these cameras work. There is a power adapter that is used to plug these device up for non-stop power, so the app may be confused, but recognizing that there is power to the device. Do you mind showing me the two devices’ Device Health page, where it shows this and also if the solar panel is connected. In addition, for the device that shows as “Power Outlet,” does it show a solar charger is connected underneath the reading for the battery life?