Power Source for Spotlight Cam Mount

Will the Spotlight Cam Mount work with 18/2 wire as the power source? In looking at the wiring map of my home, the two locations on the outside of my home where I want to hang the Spotlight Cam Mounts only have 18/2 wire and RG59 CCTV wire, which I believe is a video cable.

Appreciate your help!

Bumping this one back to the top of the list to see if anyone can confirm that I have a capable power source before buying two Spotlight Cam Mounts. Thank you for your help in advance!

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I have the same situation.

My home has a legacy CCTV system (18/2 and RG59 to each camera location). The cameras are powered via a CCTV 12V power supply. I would love to be able to use that power supply as the power source for replacement Ring cameras.

I’ve researched installing something like a 12V to 5V 3A Step-Down Waterproof Miniature DC-DC Converter Power Supply Moduleat the camera location and splicing the plug from something like the Power Adapter Compatible Ring Spotlight Cam Battery available from Amazon, but I’m not certain it will work.

doesn’t seem like 18ga would be adequate. Everything I’m reading online starts at 14ga. for a 15amp circuit. My guess is that wiring is for a DC low voltage circuit. You said you were looking at the wiring diagram of the home, does it not tell you what these wires are for? Have you tried to put a voltage tester/meter on them?

If you read the instructions for installing the wired spotlight cam, it comes with a cable. I would imagine its got a plug on it. You would need an outlet to plug it in to. This would require three wires, a hot, neutral and ground for 115v AC (assuming you are in the U.S…you didnt tell us). Were you planning on hooking the other end of those 2 18ga wires to a breaker or something?

This is probably why you haven’t received an answer. Best I can tell the wired spotlight cams are not hardwired in the first place. If you watch the video in the installation instructions, it clearly shows the guy plugging the cord in to an outdoor AC outlet/plug.

Shoot … I just realized the original post was for a Spotlight Cam , but I was thinking of hooking this up to a Stick Up Camera Battery. I derived my numbers by reviewing the power output of the solar panel that can be hooked up to the unit.

In the same situation. Were you able to make work?

I didn’t end up really trying too hard as we are going through some repairs at our home. We are planning to run power to the two locations where we would like to add Spotlight Cam Mounts as the sheetrock will be open.

Good luck!

It has worked like a charm for me. Battery stays fully charged.

I’m curious as to what the power requirements are for the spotlight cam?

I’m looking to replace POE camera’s around the house and using the Cat5 cables as power all into a power supply box. Normally CCTV is 12v but since spotlight has the lights I’m thinking 18v might be necessary but I can’t find any power specs on this camera aside from “AC adapter”.

Tech support won’t even give me the time of day since they ‘don’t recommend’ installing them this way and it will void the warranty.