Power requirement of stickup cam pro with battery

What is the power required to get rid of the little red “stop receiving power” message on the camera in the ring app?
When I use a USB C to A cable to my official ring USBA charger (5vdc 2.5a) [model dsa - 15CAB-05] the battery stays fully charged and the little green battery meter in the app remains at 100% and has a lightning bolt through it indicating that there is power. But the red plug warning is still shown saying that power is disconnected.
When I use a usbc to usbc cable with a 5vdc 3a/9v 2.22A (apple) charger, the little red plug warning message goes away.

My guess is that it needs 3a. So the barrel plug power cable with a usbc adaptor won’t work either? Or is it needing 9v?



Hi @seamus. If you are looking to have your Stick Up Cam Pro plugged in for constant power, you need to use the Ring Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter (USB-C). I do not have any information to provide when trying to use other adapters.

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