Power problem when using mechanical bell function.

2 year old Ring Pro works fine.

Today I turned on the “Ring my in-home doorbell” (RMIhD) feature.

It worked once, but then we found that the Ring Doorbell & the transformer lost power.

We flip the circuit breaker and everything works again… once… once again.

Since the RMIhD setting change was the only difference between today and the previous 2 years of a perfectly functioning system, we switched it off. Ring Doorbell works fine with multiple tests. Also, the Device Health shows “Very Good” at 4066 mV.

What are some troubleshooting steps that I can take towards using the RMIhD feature?

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Hey @sketchified! While voltage looks great, the ability to also operate the mechanical chime kit will depend on transformer rating, wire gauge, type of chime, and the installation of your Pro Power Kit. I recommend checking out our Chime Compatibility List to ensure the chime kit is compatible.

Please also ensure you are selecting the correct chime type in the app (mechanical), and that no diode is installed here. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have a similar problem where the doorbell pro was working and we switched off the mechanical ring while baby slept.

But now when trying to turn ‘on’ the mechanical ring, the app does not allow me too and the setting revert to ‘off’ whenever I exit the settings page. Even testing the doorbell the mechanical doorbell does not ring but doorbell pro rings externally and app notification comes through on the phone.