Power outage and base station lights not functioning

Just had a power outage and now the lights on the base station 1st Gen are not working correctly. Pic attached (not rotating, just solid)

Currently system is in armed mode and still displaying shown colors in Pic.
Keypad normal, all sensors normal, no notifications in app or errors.

Problem solved,
Pressed the reset button on the base station. It rebooted and now works just fine.

Hi @RevMatty. Glad to hear that you were able to resolve this by tapping the Reset button to reboot your system. The light pattern you shared a picture of is of the Base Station performing an update and normally completes in about 5-10 minutes. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Tom_Ring that’s what I thought at first. However it wasn’t spinning the lights like it normally does with an update. It was just frozen solid like the picture, for a good six or so hours till I pressed the reset button.
System still armed and disarmed just fine, just the light on the base was frozen. And a reset seemed to fix the problem.

Either way I thank you for your reply. As always 6 star customer service!