Power Off Spotlight Cam When Outside

We have one of our Spotlight Cams on our back patio. We are both able to snooze notifications of course, but the camera is still capturing the motion every couple of minutes and it’s ultimately draining the battery too fast.
When it’s dark out, I can see the red LED lights going on and off when it’s being triggered.

I’m also getting a couple of notifications back to back for the same motion on all cameras.

So, is there a way to simply power off the cam while we are outside? It would also be convenient to turn them all off when out working on the lawn.

Thanks! :grinning:


The Snooze feature is very misleading. One would think it puts the camera to sleep - meaning no alerts and no recording. However, it only does the former! The only way to do what you want, is to Disarm the camera via the dashboard.

This brings to mind that a nice feature (please read this Ring), is to set up a schedule for disarming - such as when someone is at home and doesn’t want any alerts or even recordings. Yes, there is motion schedule, but like Snooze, it only turns off alerts and still records. Things like this should be totally doable for Ring and it would be nice if they would make the features and options more extensive for circumstances just as you indicate.

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