Power off my video doorbell 2nd gen

Hi, I have a Video Doorbell (2G) running on battery. I’m about to move house and want to power off/shutdown the doorbell so it can be packed.

I can’t find an option the app (Android or IOS) . Pressing the button on the back starts setup mode. Pressing and holding the button on the back (for up to 20 seconds) makes the ring flash blue before starting setup mode.

I just want to switch it off!!

If it’s running on batter, I would just take the batteries out

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Yeah… except that will void the warranty as the battery is not removeable/replaceable.

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Correct, @ScholesScores! If you have the 2nd gen Doorbell without the removable battery, removing it is not an option. If you are looking to temporarily disable the Ring Doorbell, altering the motion settings, or even using motion snooze in the Ring app, is the best way to do so. I recommend also checking out the modes options.

Depending on how long you plan to not use the Video Doorbell, you could also remove it from your account in the Ring app device settings, or disconnect it from your wifi. This would require a new setup upon reconnecting, and we recommend downloading any important recordings before doing this. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I don’t think this really answers the question. If you wish to pack it and ship it there must be a way to turn it off otherwise there is potential for the device to overheat.

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I consider this dangerous that an electronic device has no ability to be powered off without voiding the warranty. Ring, this needs to be corrected. I wouldn’t consider “Modes” to be a replacement for an permanent “OFF” switch.


Press the orange button 3x on the back and it will shut off

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