Power Off Indoor Cam

Hi, how do you turn off the indoor cam power ? I want to temporarily turn It off completely.

Strangely there is no way to turn off the camera. You would need to unplug it. You can turn off motion detection and recording. But not the camera as many would like to be able too. Some have a smart outlet to serve as a way to totally turn it off…

Thanks! It’s just on battery now so I guess I’ll either cover it ? or just go through the settings and turn everything off & hope I remember to turn back on.

Yeah, it’s kind of dumb to not be able to just kill it, especially when inside the house…

In order to turn off your camera, you will have to either disable the Motion Detection for the device, utilize our Modes feature, or simply unplug (or remove battery if applicable) it when it you do not want power being supplied to it. I recommend trying either of the first two options, and only resulting to removing power when you feel the absolute need for it. Otherwise, without power, the device can go offline and need to be reconnected later in your app.

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