Power kit v3 and doorbell labels

I’m struggling to figure out how to use the power kit. Should I clip the forked ends off and put the wire in these terminals? Am I going across AC and V/AC or AC and C1?

Hi @Tsmith33. To confirm, are you installing the Video Doorbell Pro 2? Typically a chime kit will have terminals labeled “Trans” for transformer and “Front” for the front doorbell wires, and you’ll connect the wires from the Pro Power Kit to these terminals. I’m not sure what type of chime kit you have based on the picture you sent. What is the make and model of it?

Video Pro 2

The labels on my chime are the ones in the picture. Nothing says trans or front.

Hi @Tsmith33. What Caitlyn is referring to is where the screw terminals are. We need to see a picture of the whole chime kit, rather than just the stickers. Thanks, neighbor.