Power adapter for Stick up cam

Are you supposed to leave the internal battery in place when using the power adapter on the stick up cam

Hey @DrTooth. I recommend to keep the battery in when you are using the Power Adapter! This is to ensure you have the battery to back up the device if power from the outlet is no longer being supplied in the event of an outage. Feel free to keep this in to increase the battery life in the event that this may happen, but it’s up to you! :slight_smile:

Does the power adapter keep the battery charged or must it be removed to charge periodically as before ? In the case of the latter, will I receive a prompt for a low battery as I have received before.

@DrTooth The Power Adapter should help keep the battery charged for you. In the event that the battery may still run low, you should be able to get a notification of this low battery via email. In addition, it will show if there is a low battery from the Devices page, as well as the camera’s Device Health page. :slight_smile: