Potential Ring Camera Counter Surveillance

My wired security cam was triggered twice last night by what appeared to be six white dots from what seems to be a hand held source. No point of origin was detected. Has anyone experienced this? See uploaded screenshot.

I’ve seen this before on someone else’s post. Same exact picture of lights. Was it moving or just standing still? If it was moving, it could be a bug reflecting light if it was traveling quickly. Faster then the camera could record. Standing still I’d say a possible light refection. It’s just one of those odd things. Your car hood looks like a space alien on it too. I saw that first. LoL

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It moved slowly up and across the lens, and it appeared to wobble a bit like being held by hand. It set the camera off but not the lights (same in both activations). I saw the figure on the truck too :slight_smile:

That’s weird. Sounds like a reflection of some kind. But, like a said I recently saw another post with the same image. Sure is confusing… The only other thing I can think of is a spider web. If you figure it out, please post back. I’m interested to find the answer now as well.