potential bug?

Maybe this has been reported in the past, honestly, I didn’t check. I am using iOS and when a notification alert is received for “Nearby Incidents”, I can click on the alert and be taken directly to the post. If I then click the “list” tab at the top. The app doesn’t load the list of items. I have to actually click the Back button, then click list again. It’s not a crashing bug or anything, just a minor annoyance.

Hey @prcdbear, thanks for bringing this to our attention! I tried to replicate this in order to send a screen recording of this to our appropriate team, but I was unable to. Probably because I haven’t gotten a notification yet for a Nearby Incident. If you could, can you please attach a screen recording of you preforming the steps as you listed in your post? If not, I can still pass on this information, but any screen recordings of the actions performed does help them isolate the hiccup better. :slight_smile:

I also think my description was a little off, so this should help. Sorry for the quality, I compressed to to 480p to fit in the size limitations here.

RPReplay_Final1583341174.zip (4.92 MB)

@prcdbear Thank you for that video! That helped clear it up a lot for me, and I see what you mean. I also run into this as well on my phone sometimes. For me, it happens when I haven’t loaded the Ring app or the Neighbors section of it in awhile, and other times it just loads normally when I go back. Is this the same for you, or it never loads until you go backwards and then into the Neighbors section?

Not sure if you have done this as well, but you could also give a try at removing the Ring app, restarting your device, and then reinstalling the app. If you give that a try and look at it over some time, let me know if that helps too!

P.S., Love the background! :smiley_cat: