Posting Video or URL to Nextdoor

I downloaded a video and was going to post to the Nextdoor app, but the app doesn’t see the video for some reason. So I posted the URL but when you click on it it doesn’t bring up the video, it only goes to Any suggestions ? I have iPhone 10

Hi @Nana-K ! Did you try sharing the video directly from the There is a green house icon which should connect to your Nextdoor account.

No I didn’t, I was trying to reply to someone else’s post about a theft, they are asking for additional neighbors’s videos. If I just post from it won’t be in that conversation, right?

Thanks for clarifying @Nana-K ! I just tried on my Nextdoor app and I’m only allowed to upload PHOTO’s, not videos. I would have to take a further look to see if posting videos in a post is allowed. Have you looked into this? Alternatively, maybe you can copy and paste the Ring Share URL and enter it in the post that way. If you upload it directly from the Ring app, you are correct in that it will create its own post. Hope this helps!

I tried posting the URL, but it only takes you to the Ring main page instead of passing through to the video . The URL shows the entire path, but it only goes to main page. Here is an example:

This may be a better suited question for the Nextdoor team, as I am able to view the video you posted. I would reach out to them to see their posting / commenting guidelines and if URL like that are allowed.

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Having the same problem

Hey @Tapsman. As recommended, we advise that you should reach out to the Nextdoor support team to see their posting/commenting guidelines and if a URL like that the Ring share links are allowed.