Posting an alert

Every time I submit a Post or video it shows up for a few seconds and then disappears?! What is happening? Please tell me what I’m doing wrong.

Same here! What are we doing wrong.

Hi neighbors! May we ask where you are submitting a video? Is this on the Neighbors app or the Ring Community? Thanks!

Me too does not even show up!!

Me too

Ring app

Try this, instead of selecting “done” after typing your post select “share.” I was having the same problem in both the ring app and the website. I tried to submit my alert again on the app clicking “share” and my alert didn’t disappear as before.

Hi neighbors! By chance, are any of you getting a denial email after posting?

Same here I have tried to post a burglary that happened at my home and it shows up for a few minutes, if that & then disappears. Please help!!!