Posting a video of a misdemeanor in process, post denied

I have footage of the culprit who is frequently caught not picking up their dog’s faeces when they walk their dog. I tried to post a video, twice, but the “ring community” denied the posting each time citing that it wasn’t compliant to their rules. However, posting crimes, suspicious behaviors, vandalism, theft are often misdemeanor offenses. In Los Angeles county, not picking up dog poop is a misdemeanor offense!! So why am I being denied sharing this footage?

Hi @user07041981. Posts made to the Neighbors app must fall within the Neighbors Community Guidelines. If your post does not fit within those guidelines, it is subject to removal by the Neighbors app moderation team. You’ll then receive an email about your post removal, which you can reply to directly to inquire further about your post.

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It’s a misdemeanor crime in progress caught on video. According to the ring guidelines, it should be accepted and displayed for the community to view. I see videos of fights, people steeling mail, destruction of property, even meandering homeless people just walking around, most of which is a misdemeanor at best. Why isn’t catching someone not picking up their dog’s poop (a misdemeanor in LA) being considered to at least a comunity view. They may actually stop if they saw that they’ve been caught. By the way, they did it again this morning.

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