Post Bad Weather - Not Coming back on

So since the bad weather here in Tx, our doorbell has been off, we troubleshooted it, ordered a new backup battery (it’s hard wired into the house) and it is still not working. (No power going to the device) it’s in an enclosed porch so it wasn’t exposed directly to the elements either. Someone dealt with this before? Any help would be great.

Hi @l.n.g. I’m not sure what specific model doorbell you have, but here are some basic troubleshooting steps I can recommend. First, with a fully charged battery, you’ll want to reset your doorbell. You can do this by pressing and holding the setup button for 30 seconds, then releasing. After your doorbell reboots, you can reconnect it to wifi. Your doorbell will perform a quick update and should be online after those steps. I hope this helps!