Possible to pull up live view while recording?

I have Blink cams presently. Here is the problem I have:
Something is happening outside. I try to pull up live view and, instead, get a message that it can’t pull up live view because it’s recording. I’ve checked and this is “normal” for Blink. For me, that’s pretty useless. I want to see what’s happening regardless of whether it’s in the middle of recording.

My question is, can I do this with a Ring camera, or is it the same as Blink?


Hi @Soundchasr. When your Ring Device detects and records motion, it will send you a notification. If you tap on the notification, it will open the Live View. When you close the Live View, the video will be saved from the moment motion was detected until you close the Live View. You can pull up the Live View at any time.